Bring your friends and family to River Lake Inn Saturday night, July 15, at 6:00 p.m., for an entertaining evening of comedy, magic and truly delightful food at our monthly Comedy Magic Show & Dinner special!

ron-spread-cards-150pxRon Carnell, longtime resident of the Magic Capital of the World, will amuse and amaze you with a cabaret-style magic show before dinner, then wander from table to table with his visually stunning close-up, in-your-face tricks while your meal is still settling over coffee or wine. You’ll laugh ’til it hurts, you’ll cry ’til it feels better, but you’ll likely never again look at the world around you in quite the same way.

Join us for our special night of comedy, fun, and magic. Every month is different, every month offers a unique blend of NEW magic with a few classic favorites, and every month is guaranteed to leave you scratching your head.

colonmiSituated on the rustic outskirts of Colon, Michigan, River Lake Inn is determined to do its part in bringing the magic back to the Magic Capital of the World. The Magic lives again!

Reservations are recommended, but walk-ins are always welcome. Call 269-432-2626 to let ’em know you’re coming!

journal-150x133A reporter from The Sturgis Journal came to our June show last year and wrote a very flattering article. Check out their review of River Lake Magic at: Meal, magic featured at monthly event


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“Love watching you perform Ron, Great magic, Great food, and dining among friends, makes for a wonderful evening.”
Randy Burritt Leonidas, MI
“What a fun night! Good food, good friends and Ron’s magic! I love being your assistant Ron Carnell. Those little girls did indeed steal the show! You just seem to get even better with every show I see.”
Paula Alexander Colon, MI
“You put on a wonderful show Ron, I’m so glad we came! Dinner was delicious as well! We had a terrific time from beginning to end. Thanks for all the laughter and smiles.”
Kit Detering London, Ontario
“Yes my wife and I loved the show you showed us some tricks I’ve only see on tv shows it was very cool”
Levi Wilcox Coldwater, MI

Most of our shows at River Lake Inn are G rated, maybe a bit PG if there are no kids in the room.

Enigma is PG-13. This is Comedy Club style entertainment, although I suppose most people would find it pretty mild by Comedy Club standards. There won’t be any swearing or hugely blue stuff; it’s PG-13, not R.

Still, children will NOT be admitted to this show. Enigma is Adults Only.

* What happens when a king finds himself romantically embroiled with not one, but TWO beautiful queens?

* Is it true that size doesn’t matter? Or was that just a tactful lie to make us feel better?

* When a man reads a woman’s mind, it isn’t always sugar and spice he finds in there. Or is it?

* Life and limb (okay, mostly one limb) are put at risk, with the outcome totally determined by the audience. Don’t try this one at home!

* And lots more innuendo, insinuations and potential injury to innocent illusionists.

Enigma is definitely not for kids. Not for prudes, either, and probably not for the squeamish. With those few caveats, however, laughter and awe are pretty much guaranteed.
As always, we offer an intimate cabaret-style show before dinner, with our emphasis always on the humor, and then a special encore performance while your meal is still settling over coffee or wine. Because, of course, there’s no such thing as too much magic, especially in the Magic Capital of the World.

You don’t even have to like magic. You just have to love to laugh.

* $29.95 Pre fixe price includes salad bar, dinner selection, home-made dessert, and the MAGIC SHOW. Beverages, sales tax and gratuity are not included. Reservations are recommended, but walk-ins are always welcome. Call 269-432-2626 to let ’em know you’re coming!

River Lake Inn Restaurant
767 Ralston Road Colon, MI 49040

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What To Expect When You Arrive …

audience01We encourage everyone to arrive at River Lake Inn well before the show (5:30 is good, 5:45 at the latest) so the servers can take your dinner order and deliver your beverages. The show will typically start at 6:00 p.m. after everyone is served and feeling comfortable.

The thirty-minute Comedy Magic Show typically lasts about 45 minutes. Sometimes a tad longer? When the show concludes and the thunderous applause dies down a bit, your smiling magician will invite you to help yourself to the salad bar.

Although your dinner selections were taken before the show started your server won’t turn them in to the kitchen until a pre-selected time (usually about ten minutes before the show is expected to finish). This means your meal will always arrive at your table fresh, hot, and ready for your full attention.

More Magic!

After dinner there will be yet a little more magic. Some nights it will be table-to-table close-up magic, with Ron trying to visit everyone with something just for them. Other nights Ron will perform something special with everyone in the audience participating. Encourage him a little bit by sticking around and he might just do both?

Most night you can expect your evening to end about two to three hours after the show starts. And trust me, you’ll have plenty to talk about on the drive back home.